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Are you dreaming of starting a coffee business, expanding your shop, or exploring the world of beverages?

Look no further!

At Calista Trading, we’re excited to introduce our FREE 3D Concept Design For New Clients program.
We offer a wide range of top-quality beverage equipment and supplies to help you succeed in the coffee and milk tea industry.

Product Groups:
3D Store Design
Bar Utensil and Tools
Customsized / Standard Waterbar
Showcase Cabinet
Drinkware Supply
Equipment Planning
We are committed to guiding you through each step of the process, from 3D design to equipment planning, procurement, and smallware selection.

Our goal is to turn your beverage business dreams into a successful reality.

1. 3D Design Store (FREE)

Client Engagement:
We begin by understanding your vision and business goals. Whether you’re starting a new coffee shop, expanding, or exploring the beverage industry, we want to hear your ideas.
Site Assessment:
Our team will conduct a site visit or review your location details to better understand the space and layout.
Concept Development:
Using state-of-the-art 3D design tools, we create a concept that brings your vision to life. This includes layout, interior design, and equipment placement.
Client Feedback:
We present the initial concept to you for feedback and revisions. Your input is essential to ensure the design aligns with your expectations.

2. Equipment Planning (FREE)

Product Selection:
Based on the approved concept, we assist you in selecting the appropriate beverage equipment and supplies. This includes coffee machines, grinders, milk tea equipment, and accessories.
We tailor the equipment list to your specific needs, considering factors like capacity, menu offerings, and budget constraints.
Cost Estimation:
We provide a detailed cost estimate for the equipment, including any financing options or payment plans available.

3. Equipment

Order Placement:
Upon your approval, we place orders for the selected equipment and supplies. We work closely with trusted suppliers to ensure timely delivery.
Quality Assurance:
All equipment undergoes thorough quality checks before installation to guarantee optimal performance and safety.
Installation & Setup:
Our team of technicians installs and sets up the equipment at your location, ensuring it meets industry standards.
Training & Support:
We provide training for your staff on the proper use and maintenance of the equipment. Ongoing support is available for any operational queries or issues.

4. Smallware

Inventory Assessment:
We help you identify the essential smallwares needed for your coffee or milk tea shop, such as cups, utensils, and other serving items.
Product Sourcing:
Our team sources high-quality smallwares that align with your brand and aesthetic preferences.
Cost Optimization:
We strive to provide cost-effective solutions, helping you save on smallware expenses without compromising quality.

Expert 3D Concept Design

Collaborate with our talented designers to visualize your dream coffee or milk tea shop.

Premium Quality Products

We provide the finest equipment and supplies for your business.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our team is here to assist you every step of the way.

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Save money with our efficient, high-quality products.

Flexible Payment Plans

We understand your budget constraints and offer flexible payment options.

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Our products provide long-lasting value, reducing maintenance costs.